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I like it choco

So we all do like it choco, don´t we?? ;D

So take those:


Melony <3 am 19.8.11 19:40

Birthday Cake for Lychee´s Daddy!

It was a sunny saturday afternoon.... when lychee and me did a great job! guys you won´t believe it, it was amazing,.... the crowd flipped all over, the taste was as tasty as nothing can be ;DDD we created a new form of tastyness.........

... ok so we won´t exaggerate... but it was really delicious!

Melony <3 am 19.8.11 19:37

Raspberry please!

Again, it´s me :D


I also found a pic of an heart-shaped cake with nutella and raspberries!!! Yummi! I spread the nutella on the cake while it was warm from the oven, so the nutella was easy to spread! Then i put the frozen rasperries and the glaze on it - finish! or ready to eat ;D

Melony <3 am 19.8.11 19:30


Heeeey there! It´s me!

I found great pics on my computer! They´re a little old!

First if got the birthday cake for my lychee, for her 18th Birthday!!!

We built a castle of cake ... look at this:


 it´s a lot of creaamm and biscuit and cookies and raffaelo etc!


and thheeennnn:

we finished the cake with 18 candles and here comes the clue!

we filled some ballons with eatable confetti and let lychee puncture it and then the confetti spread allllll over the castle ^.^

Melony <3 am 19.8.11 19:41

1st Cupcakes!

Hey Guys!!!!! This is it!!!!

I´m very proud! My first Cupcakes! And they´re delicious!


Melon am 21.6.11 22:43

Feliz cumpleaños Melony!!!

I turned 22 last friday and i threw a phenomenous Grillparty!!! Buuut the best was my lovely nashi! She baked a two-storey gateau for meeeee! And i was ... No iam the luckiest Melony alive!!! It's the best Mousse au' chocolate strawberry gateau you've ever tasted!!!


It says S & N ^.^ It´s our Wedding cake ;D

Melony am 20.6.11 22:28

Yay! Happy Blogday ;D

  Hi! I´m "Melony"

This is the first contribution and i´m proud to announce that this will be the beginning of a beautiful story... the nashi & melon story!

Peace and love my friends!

Melon am 17.6.11 01:19

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